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HALLORAN  SOFTWARE 's Astrol Deluxe Report Writer version 8 is the professional level program ($169   $152 ) for those interested in developing a system for chart calculations and report interpretation programs.

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For those wanting to explore Astrodynes (powers of the planets, signs and houses in a birthchart), Astrodynes for Windows ($59    $53)     works through any version of Astrology for Windows. Halloran software is a one menu-database system.

Screen Views from AstrolDeluxe for Windows

Chartwheel printouts from Halloran's AstrolDeluxe for Window and Astrodynes

Astro-mapping samples
US Map
World Map

The  Geo Names Atlas add-on for AstrolDeluxe  ($100  
$90)   provides information for 3 million world locations. The ACS PC Atlas standard in AstroDeluxe provides 100,000 world locations.    sample

Here's Halloran's report writers:

Natal: Personal Path     sample     $100     $90
Spirit Success Report    sample      $49   $44

Aspect Patterns Interpretations   This program can run individually or as an integrated add on to Personal Path or the Spirit Success Report   sample      $50    $45

Chiron Interpretations Add-on  
Chiron interpretations from other astrological authors are based largely on theory and rote formulas. They are not based on extensive, methodical research. From the Halloran interpretations will you learn in a reliable way how Chiron manifests, and how to interpret its placements and aspects in the chart. A Merge program comes with the Halloran Chiron interpretations, allowing you to add them to any of your full natal report sets for AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter.     SAMPLE FORTHCOMING      $50    $45

Children's Natal:
Kid Zone version 1 WITHOUT  sun-moon combination interpretations    $100   $90
Kid Zone
version 2 WITH sun-moon combination interpretations  sample     $149    $134
Kid Zone Upgrade version 1 to version 2   $5050   $

Relationship: StarMatch compatibility analysis. Adjusts aspects between two people into an interesting number system to help equate relationship initerpretations and numerical factors. - sample
StarMatch interprets the StarMatch charting system used in the AstrolDeluxe for windows.  sample
$100    $90

Transits: Life Trends      sample     $100     $90

Progressions: Journey Progressions      sample     $100     $90

Solar Returns: Journey Returns      sample        $100     $90

Career: Journey Career      sample      $100    $90



Economy Bundle: AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter ver. 7.1, Spirit Success natal set, Halloran Font, Famous Charts - best calculation-only package - $215.00   $193.50

Power Bundle: AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter ver. 7.1, Spirit Success natal set, Personal Path natal set, Halloran Font, Famous Charts - in-depth starter package - $305.00   $274.50

 Popular Bundle: AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter ver. 7.1,  Personal Path natal, StarMatch compatibility, LifeTrends transits, and Journey Solar Returns  - reportwriting package with most popular in-depth interpretations - $495.00  $445.50

Complete Money-Saving Bundle: AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter ver. 7.1, Personal Path natal, Spirit Success natal, Journey Careers natal, KidZone with Sun/Moon natal, StarMatch compatibility, LifeTrends transits, Journey Progressions, and Journey Solar Returns, Halloran TrueType Fonts, and Famous Charts - complete Halloran astrology package, only excluding the Astrodynes, how-to books, and Spanish natal interpretations - $895.00   $805.50



AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter Upgrade for 7.0 -7.1  to 8.0  $63  $70
AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter Upgrade for  3,4,5,6 to 8.0  $81  $90
AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter Upgrade for 1-2  to 8.0   $81  $110
AstrolDeluxe DOS Upgrade to 8.0   $125 
Registered user of the DOS or Windows Astrology
program  $135  $149

(for previous registered users only)

Personal Path   $5
Spirit Success  $5
StarMatch  $5
Life Trends  $5
Journey Careers  $5
Journey Solar Returns  $5
Journey Progressions  $5
Kid Zone  $5
Kid Zone with Sun/Moon  $5